Digital Think Tank:

The Digital Think Tank is focused on fostering innovation and thought leadership in the digital realm. It engages in research, analysis, and the development of strategies to address emerging trends and challenges in the digital landscape. Projects within this initiative often revolve around artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, and the impact of technology on society, aiming to provide insights that shape policies and business strategies.

Start Up Pakistan:

Start Up Pakistan is an initiative dedicated to nurturing and supporting startups in the country. It involves various projects aimed at providing incubation, mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities to promising startups. These projects often include startup accelerators, pitch competitions, entrepreneurship training programs, and collaborations with industry stakeholders to create a thriving ecosystem for innovative ventures.

The Real Estate:

Projects within “The Real Estate” domain focus on the development and enhancement of properties and real estate ventures. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial projects. It encompasses various aspects like property development, architectural design, construction management, and real estate marketing strategies. These projects aim to create attractive and functional spaces while meeting market demands and trends.

Melange Media Group:

Melange Media Group is involved in diverse projects within the media and entertainment industry. This encompasses digital content creation, marketing campaigns, event planning, media production, and brand promotion. Projects often revolve around multimedia content production, social media management, public relations, and event execution, aiming to enhance brand visibility and engagement in the digital age.